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Premium Prevention & Sport

Een gezonde levenstijl naleven hangt af van vele factoren, één van de grootste factor is lichaamsbeweging. Of u nu 7 dagen in de week naar de sportschool gaat of geniet van een dagje golfen.

Premium Prevention moedigt iedere vorm van lichaamsbeweging aan, maar wel altijd op u eigen niveau en u limiet te kennen. Hieronder vindt u bedrijven die samenwerken met ons Lifestyle Guaranteed Program.


Today we meet Nicoline Smetsers, with her project Cure4Life.
We think Nicoline fits perfectly into Premium Prevention Lifestyle, read her story below

The key to happiness is your health. This is the reason I try to motivate people towards a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on exercise and especially on nutrition. The challenge is to be able to enjoy life while also staying conscious of one’s body and its needs. Cure4Life has helped me personally to a huge extent, and the results with participants in the program haveproven that Cure4Life is a true solution to the problems associated with being overweight.

What is Cure4Life? It is a medically based nutritional program that looks at the cause of being overweight and thus determines a personal program for each individual using ‘normal’ food from the supermarket. It is a unique approach, for each person is unique! Then to this nutritional program we can add an exercise program and even psychology coaching. In the end, it is all about finding balance in life, which is only possible when you are emotionally and physically strong, and you have the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest!

I am proud to be the first coach of Cure4Life in Costa Blanca. We started the program in 2016, and are currently enrolling for the English version. Besides my activities for Cure4Life, I support my partner in his physiotherapy practice in Altea, and I organize therapy travel to Spain. The therapy travel combines the Cure4Life program with movement, relaxation and psychology and has proven to be very successful in treating problems such as burnout, stress, weight issues and rehabilitation. I really enjoy all of these activities, and it gives me a lot of energy and motivation to coach other people along the path towards a healthy lifestyle. And of course it is highly satisfying to see someone reach his or her goals and find greater happiness in life!