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Prevention is the first step towards
enjoying good

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Premium Prevention


Prestigious cardiologists at your service.

Premium Prevention is primarily developed to take care of all hearts. Our mission is making sure you can have a fabulous life, filled with health and free of all cardiovascular disease.

In all our Premium Prevention locations we perform cardiovascular preventative check ups in one single session. A complete medical digital report is made and handed over to you on a USB stick incorporated in a credit card. Making sure you can always have a full medical report at hand, you are the owner of your medical data.


Cardiovascular check up

Complete Medical History taking
Digital Electrocardiogram made with the latest 3 Dimensional Medical Technology
Blood pressure measurement
Evaluation done by a prestigious international group of cardiologist.
Personalized recommendations
No waiting lists

Complete study and medical report: €39

Thanks to an international team of prestigious cardiologists and latest generation high tech medical equipment we can perform excellent quality medicine and offer it without waiting lists.

Why do a preventative test? Can I have a heart disease without knowing it?

There are several so called silent cardiovascular diseases. Most important ones being hypertension, certain heart rhythm disturbances and heart attacks. All of these diseases initially often do not give symptoms or complaints. It is therefor cardiovascular disease is still the main reason so many lives are ended premature. 90% of all cardiovascular mortality is premature.

With a routine premium prevention preventative check we make it possible you can have a longer and healthier life.